Second Sundays @ 6 pm

Monthly gathering: praying for personal, congregational, regional and national REVIVAL!

Lighthouses over Goldsboro

Individuals in the congregation have 'adopted' houses along each street so that every person in Goldsboro is presented before God in prayer. EVERY person in EVERY house in the borough is prayed over at least once EVERY year!

Worship services.

The morning worship service includes a special time of focused prayer. There is a prayer request sheet on the podium in back of sanctuary for specific concerns to be included in the congregational prayer.

Email/phone messages

When a matter of concern arises, anyone can email or telephone the church office/pastor/elders/council members to pass on the need or reason to praise God.

Midweek gatherings

Requests from Sunday morning, emails, phone calls, etc. are presented before the throne of God by those in attendance.

Prayer chain

As above, when requests are made known  the prayer chain goes into operation.





  1. I have a prayer request. Getting attacked by the devil as I get closer to God. Please pray for the attack to stop. Please pray for God to work on my heart and the hearts of the ones involved in the attack. Thank you.

    1. There is spiritual warfare, and it makes sense that as you are growing closer to God that the enemy of our souls would do what he can to dissuade you or distract you. Praying for God to be your strength so that He gains both the victory and the glory!

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