Even as a child I knew there was a God. My mother saw to it that I went to Sunday School and Church. We had a small plaque in the house with the word "Jesus never fails" and that phrase has always stuck with me.

As I got into my teens I was rebellious and ran with others who were rebellious as well.

When I got my draft notice during the Vietnam era: that was a wake up call. I found myself in the church yard sitting on a bench looking at sculptures. I made a "deal" with God:  "bring me back home and not one day will pass that I fail to thank and praise you!"

Let me tell you truly, at that time and now as I look back 50 years later, there were several times that I'm not sure how I survived. But, obviously God saw fit to bring me home--wounded but alive.

After I returned I met and later married a fine Christian lady and began attending worship services with her. One Sunday following a message on the woman at the well, the pastor asked if anyone was uncertain about what were to happen to them if they were to die that day. My hand shot up! I committed my life to Jesus Christ that day, acknowledging Him as my Lord and my Savior. I trust in Him and want to obey Him in all I do and say.

That journey continues today with some ups and downs along the way. I want you to know that Jesus  in my life has made ALL the difference in my marriage, my family, my work, and my church. I want everyone to know the joy and certainty that I have in Jesus.